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How to become sfwater. information resident? How do we evaluation and feature casinos on this website?

We accept programs for casino list free of charge subject to the Due Diligence procedure plus editorial scrutiny.

Any on line casino operator not included within point 2 . one can apply for sfwater. info AU Rating inclusion under these types of conditions:
2 . 2 . one The casino owner holds a valid permit from any acknowledged gambling licensing expert
second . 2 . 2 . The particular casino operator should submit the official application, which can be found online in /apply, at least 30 days before the The sfwater. info AU Rating publishing date.
2 . second . 3. An bill corresponding to an Incorporation Fee must be compensated by direct financial institution transfer following the guidelines given after satisfying point 2 . second . 2 .

How it works?

1 . Research

Candidate Casinos need to complete the Casino Application below and designate all relevant home elevators a casino brand name and bonuses (where applicable).

Research: we check if the casino has

  • a License and a license is specific in a visible location as well as
  • options or even measures to help gamers to gamble moderately (Responsible Gaming options)

If cleared, a job candidate is invited to pay for an Assessment Charge. In addition to it, the resident needs to take our affiliate commission rate terms that are exactly the same for all resident manufacturers.

second . Listing

  1. As soon as accepted, a new brand name gets a review having an assessment (from zero to 100) upon 4 components of our own Casino Classification. More information: /our-classification
  2. A On line casino brand gets the starting coverage: site-wide, excluding a section around the Homepage .

3. Leveling-up

  1. As users build relationships a resident brand name for 2 months all of us collect data to evaluate the 5th element of our classification — GOers’ Engagement.
  2. Right after 2 month time period a resident on line casino brand is entitled to leveling up to the Home page including all the Best Spots.

Advertising and Advertising Opportunities

We offer preferred positioning to sfwater. information residents as an Advertisement. It?s a zero placement located above every Ranking itself. The particular advert area will be twice as big since the area for all some other listings.

Preferred placement does not always mean you buy Top-1 placement. In fact , you lease an advertising place simply above the ranking by itself and your listing will be marked as promotional. Each ranking might have only one preferred list. For pricing, make sure you Contact us.