Beetle Frenzy Slot Machine

Beetle Frenzy is a popular slot machine developed by the world famous developer NetEnt. “Crazy Bugs” tells about the adventures of various insects and is available to users from computers and smartphones. Free slot machines in Beetle Frenzy are an opportunity to enjoy the gambling process and get a decent cash prize. The slot has a fairly high volatility, has 9 reels and 5 lines, and a player with a minimum budget can start the adventure – you can place bets from 10 cents to five dollars.

Beetle Frenzy

The institution is highly likely to appeal to beginners, as the developer has provided the opportunity to spin the reels for free. To get started, just go to the casino, find a slot machine and start it. The game is played with gift coins, and their number can be replenished by refreshing the web page. The demo version is especially relevant for those who do not plan to risk their own money. With its help, you can get acquainted with the plot, learn the rules, test various strategies. When a gambler has become more confident in his abilities, he can register at the casino, place a bet, win and order a withdrawal of funds from Beetle Frenzy.

More information about the Beetle Frenzy slot machine

The developer has created an emulator that outlines the theme of nature. This is a classic slot that, like a time machine, instantly sends the player from a noisy metropolis to a colorful world where insects rule the roost. Thanks to the slot machine, you can get up close and personal with the inhabitants of this place, get a solid portion of vitamin D from bright sunlight, and become the owner of an impressive cash prize. The slot machine boasts a return of up to 97.2%. This is a relatively high parameter, which promises that not a single user will leave the casino without a monetary reward.

When choosing a slot for gambling, gamblers always pay attention not only to technical capabilities, but also to the quality of its design. In the case of Beetle Frenzy, it does not matter what role the gambler wants to try on – an entomologist studying new types of insects, or just a fan of communication with nature, the emulator deserves attention. It is made in modern graphics and bright summer colors, uplifting.

Immediately after the start, the player enters a clearing, which is decorated with fragrant colorful flowers. There is so much greenery here that this corner attracts various insects, among which you will find industrious bees, all kinds of beetles, beautiful butterflies. All this is accompanied by beautiful music and thematic sounds. An entomologist who decides to try his luck has to arm himself with a net in order to immediately set off on an exciting journey.

Beetle Frenzy Slot Features

Beetle Frenzy in Australia offers gamblers a lot of bonuses, which guarantees that everyone can grab luck by the tail. The model has 3 reels that form 5 pay lines – a small arsenal that is given to all daredevils. It is this approach of the developer to the product that made the machine a classic, which is endowed with great potential. Despite its simplicity, the slot invites you to take part in three games that potentially reward gamblers with bonuses:

  1. Bug Collector – the round starts immediately after a combination of three images of a glass jar is formed on the playing field. It is important that the pictures appear on the same line. The task of the gambler is to decide in which cells the closed symbols are hidden.
  2. Flower Frenzy is another bonus that is triggered if three flower pictures appear on the field. To get prize money, you need to stop rotating objects – the amount of winnings depends only on the skill of the player.
  3. Lucky Spin is the most anticipated game by users, which is not as easy to launch as it might seem at first glance. It is necessary that at least four identical pictures appear on the field in the corners of the field. If circumstances are in favor of the player, he receives free spins, which are activated on one of the reels.

To speed up the process, the player can use the auto-spin feature, which is available in the slot control panel.

play Beetle Frenzy

How to play

It is not always possible to find detailed information on how to play Beetle Frenzy in reviews on Beetle Frenzy. However, the process is quite simple, which makes the slot suitable for beginner fans of excitement. First you need to choose a casino, find a machine and start it. Beginners are advised not to rush and try their hand at free mode. If you want to immediately play for money, you should register in a gambling club, make a deposit and bet. Experts note important parameters that you should get acquainted with before the start of the reels:

  • the slot has a long cycle and high dispersion;
  • use the demo mode to understand all the intricacies of management – the time spent will pay off with interest when playing for money;
  • a high level of return makes it possible to gain an advantage over the casino;
  • the recommended bet for a big win is at least $1.

In addition, you can use the Beetle Frenzy no deposit bonus. Many casinos make such a gift to their customers. It offers a sign-up gift that can be spent betting on any emulator, and Crazy Bugs is no exception.

To be sure of yourself, you should know what ordinary and special symbols the slot machine has. So, the developer introduced symbols that somehow resonate with nature:

  • flowers of different shades;
  • beetles of different colors;
  • mushrooms;
  • Ladybug;a glass container with luminous beetles inside;
  • an Apple.

The most interesting in the Beetle Frenzy online casino for the user are the following symbols and combinations:

  1. Ladybug – a bright red beetle can bring a solid win if it appears in the amount of two pieces on one active line – in this case, the player will return his bet.
  2. Grasshopper, Ladybug or flower will double the bet.
  3. Three blue beetle symbols will triple your bet.
  4. The Golden Beetle and the Mushroom quadruple the bet.
  5. Flowers increase the bet by six, ten and twenty times.

The role of the Wild is assigned to the container with a firefly inside. It is able to replace ordinary and special characters with more profitable images. An apple is used as a Scatter. The loss of three Scatters promises a return of the bet, increased by 40 times.

Winning Strategies

Contrary to popular belief, it is quite difficult to win on a slot machine, guided by any strategy. This is due to the fact that the slot is based on a random number generator, a technology that gives random results. Despite this, players have learned to use some strategies that allow them to gain a significant advantage over the casino:

  1. It is believed that playing at night increases the number of successful spins.
  2. The bet starts from the minimum value and each spin doubles it – this is how they play until they win, and then start again with a small bet.

There are no special strategies for spinning the reels on this slot. Experts recommend starting with the demo mode, using bonus codes in Beetle Frenzy, while it is important to play with a cool head and not set yourself up for a huge win. If the game does not work out and the spins bring a negative result, it is better to switch to another machine or leave the casino site for a while to rest. You should not perceive the slot as a source of constant cash flow – keeping such thoughts in your head, it is difficult to control yourself, which means that the probability of draining the balance increases significantly.

What will you like?

Beetle Frenzy is a bright, colorful toy that is guaranteed to give players a lot of pleasant minutes associated with a wonderfully rendered atmosphere and the opportunity to win. The gambler will like the opportunity to make minimum bets – here they start from ten cents, which allows you to extend the pleasure of playing for several hours. An equally interesting option is a free game without registration.

The slot has a convenient menu, in which the rules are spelled out in detail, it is told about the meaning of each symbol. This product definitely deserves the attention of fans of the immortal classics, it will appeal to beginners who are taking their first steps in the world of gambling.


By launching the Beetle Frenzy slot machine, the gambler finds himself in a unique place where there are no multi-storey buildings that look like stone boxes, where it is difficult to find a green park, but there is a desire to leave the noisy city to enjoy the colors of summer. This is a modern slot machine designed to give a lot of positive emotions. It’s easy to play here, it’s enough just to win. Having launched the machine, the gambler can count on a good mood, accompanied by numerous prizes.