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Sweet 16 On the internet Slot

Sweet 16

Oh to become a 16 again! Regardless of whether it?s sweet sixteen and never been kissed or sweet sixteen and never missed the kiss, Realtime Gaming?s Sweet 16 will certainly appeal to players of most shapes and sizes, much like the outstanding collection of candy portrayed on the slot?s fishing reels.

16 was also the final age at which I had been able to eat a package filled to full of candy without getting body fat. I?m sure the majority of players would go along with me on that certain! Candy was fairly sweet, desirable and real comfort-food back then, also it still is. Even gamers with no sweet teeth to speak of will love Realtime Gaming?s Fairly sweet 16 slot due to the fact ultimately, it has a lot more to offer than a vibrant collection of sugary teats.

How Well-known is Sweet sixteen Slot in Australia?

Australiaers are well-known for having some of the nicest teeth in the world! All of us love just about anything actually vaguely resembling the sweet treat. Furthermore, our nation includes fat people and also of skinny individuals and really, nobody actually cares what other people looks like. Our culture associated with acceptance of skin image has had one unpleasant side effect on all of us as a people. We have been now very much, generally, a candy caring nation. We really like candy of all types and shapes plus flavours. We can not help ourselves.

That is most probably why Realtime?s Sweet 16 slot machine is such a hit of most of the Kiwi?s which i know who frequently play online casino. Selection theme for a slot machine game than a variety of sweets, all right presently there for the taking.

My Experience with Fairly sweet 16 Slot

I don?t think it is necessary for me in order to at this point continue to explain just how much I love chocolate. The theme has been what had taken by heart plus my sweet teeth even before I had unique away at the game?s reels for the first time. For me personally, it was very much really like at first sight.

But We digress. I really loved the basic design of the different symbols, each produced in their own unique way. Everything possible makes an look on Sweet sixteen slot?s reels. Gobstoppers, lollipops, gumdrops, jello beans and chocolates; you name it, and it is there. The bits of candy are vibrant and appear to be sticking out from the reels.

Bonuses, Gameplay, Difference

The free rounds feature awards as much as 16 free spins, that i thought was very clever indeed. The particular lollipop symbols may be the game?s scatter, plus three or more in a which position around the reels will induce the free spins circular.

The game also includes a wild symbol, and something that is particularly desperate to make a regular look on the reels to be able to fulfill its replacement duties. The crazy symbol is the Fairly sweet 16 heart formed logo symbol.

Game play is a smooth plus seamless experience plus everything just has a tendency to flow naturally. All my favourite keyboard cutting corners have been incorporated, which includes spinning by going the space bar.


The ultimate takeaway through playing this slot machine is that it features this type of simple but outstanding theme. Candy designed slots are a a nice touch among players through Australia and I am not in the least little bit surprised as to why we might find these delicious themes so incredibly appealing. Especially since there is real money to received with which real chocolate can be bought.

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